Parts of Web Design

Content ~ The information and tools of the website. Content is usually made up of text, images, animations, video and audio clips. Content can also include tools such as shopping carts, web calculators and social networking applications. Content is important because it is normally known as the value of your web design.
Usability ~ Making the website usable, which means making your web design's content easily accessable for your visitors. Important parts of usability is navigation design, layout design and interaction design.
Appearance ~ The graphics and style of the website. The appearance should display a desired brand image to the visitor.
Visibility ~ There must be a way for users to come to the website; this is done through search engines, related sites that link to the website or advertising efforts.

Web Design Redefined

For the purpose of separating our services into categories, we have defined "Web Design" as the front end appearance of the website. The "front end" is what the audience sees, which is normally the content, images, style, colors and formatting.

Our take on Superior Web Design

As a Utah web design firm, we understand that the aesthetics of a website is a very important part for the success of a website. Not only can web design calm visitors' fears, but it can also be a persuasive tool in influencing your audience to action. The foundation of web design should be based on a preplanned brand image of the website and should tell the unique story of a website before the audience reads any of the words. Instead of having web design compete with other marketing efforts such as SEO, web design should work in synergy in completing common goals.

Benefits of a Superior Web Design:

  • Sets a professional environment which eases online fears
  • Increases usability keeping the target audience happy
  • Displays competitive advantage increasing sales
  • Influences customers to profitable action

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