Web Analytics

Web Analytics Explained

Web analytics is the collection and the analysis of data for a website with the intention of optimizing the website to influence the audiences action. With the proper software installed on a website a wealth of data can be collected about a visitor that comes to the site. Data can be collected like demographics; operating system and browser being used; screen dimensions; preferred language; connection speed; length of visit; visitor loyalty; actions visitors take; traffic sources.

All of this data can prove very useful in figuring out who your customers are. And understanding who your customers are is the first step in understanding what your customers want. Give your customers what they want in a simple way and your customers will not only stay longer on your site, but they will come back and generate new leads or sales for your business.

Superior Web Analytics

Collecting data takes very little work, but the sooner you start collecting the data the better. What many people come to a lost is how to interpret the data to understand what needs to change on a website to increase your visitors conversion rate.

Not only do we include analytic software in every website that we produce, but our experts analyze the collected data and create a bottle neck report. This report shows what areas of the website need attention and how to go about correcting the problems spotted.

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