Split Testing

Which one to pick?

Imagine this, you own a website that sells toasters and you are trying to figure out which toaster to feature. You personally love the "chrome toaster deluxe", your business partner suggests the "toasterama!" and your spouse leans towards the "elegant 4 slice brander". After much debate you decide that you should find out the perfect toaster that your customers prefer. After contacting quite a few they seem to prefer the "0 carbon emissions toaster."

So the question is, which toaster being featured on your front page will bring in the most profit? You could pick any one of the suggestions and use great reasoning to support it. If you've built a website to inspire your audience to action, you need to keep a little rule in mind.

The Marketers Rule

If your looking to increase a website's performance, it doesn't matter what you think. It also doesn't matter what your colleagues think, your friends, your family or even what your customers think. When it comes to improving a website's performance, the only thing that matters is what your customers do.

A/B Testing

Split Testing is often referred to as A/B testing. A/B testing is the process of testing one variable against a control. As an web service, A/B testing can be used to understand what content on a page helps improve conversion rate the most. This content can include images, titles, description, font styles, page layout and even price.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing (also known as multi-variable testing) is basically several A/B tests happening at the same time. Say you want to test a product description, its primary image and the price at the same time to see which combination will yield the most profit. A/B testing is limited only one test at a time, however, with multivariate testing you can find the best combination of the three.

Superior Split Testing

Superior Design is in the process of creating software that incorporates tactics such as split testing. Not only does providing split testing with a website lowers the cost to provide this service, but it also becomes a catalyst in making a website successful. This means that by using our split testing service it will save you time and money.

And if you were wondering about which toaster would have performed the best in the hypothetical situation presented abobe, our bet is on the "toasterama!"

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