Market Driven Design

The problem with Market Research

When it comes to online business success and web design it doesn't matter what your web designer thinks, your employees or partners think, what you think or even what your customer think. All that really matters at the end of the day is what your customers do, and in hopes of conducting business online you are hoping to increase your companies sales. Even your customers may tell you that they prefer one design or content over another, yet when they get what they think they want they don't behave in the way you want.

This is where the luck comes into business, sure there are things you can do to increase your success online or off line, but until you offer your products or services you will not know how your customer base will respond. If this were not the case, some of the world's marketing gurus like McDonald's, Coke and even Apple Computers wouldn't have spent millions upon millions on failed products. McDonald's failed with the Arch Deluxe, Coke failed with New Coke and even marketing superstar Apple failed with a PDA known as the Apple newton. All three of these products had a customer base crying out for them, but once they were available they didn't bite.

The Genius of Market Driven Design

If you think youtube was a success because they were the first to offer an online video database or that Google was found its success by being the Internet's first search engine your wrong. There were plenty of online video databases and there had been search engines long before Google was even conceived. The success of these two companies came from giving their target audience not just what they wanted, but what they didn't know they wanted. As the market found out what they really wanted the word spread and they became two of the most successful websites ever.

As a business owner, you understand that taking the luck out of the equation for business success is a powerful competitive advantage. Not knowing how your target audience will respond to what you have to offer can be a scary thing. The advantages of doing business online is that it is interactive, you have the power of tracking your customers actions and you can make updates in real time. The great thing about these advantages is that you create a sales medium that automatically optimizes its self to increase the percentage of sales.

The Genius of Market Driven Design is that instead of putting yourself, your employees or even a focus in charge of deciding what will images, text and even price should be chosen for your website you allow the market make those decisions for you. This method takes a lot more time to develop and design and it also takes some powerful software as well. But simply put, there is no better way to limit risk and maximize your ROI than using a market driven design approach.

Who offers Market Driven Design Methods and Technology?

To find Market Driven Design services from design, development or marketing firms is very rare. Software that is available is very limited in functionality or very difficult to use and implement. This is why Superior Design is in the process of developing its own Market Driven Design software that includes Multivariate testing and A/B split testing within its own in-house developed content management system (CMS). The Market Driven Design functions are also integrated with automatic SEO management system that not only drives more traffic to your site, but also ensures one of the highest conversion rates possible. Integrate all these features with your shopping cart, landing pages, blogs and other content all done under the direction of expert marketers and designers and you'll have a successful website in less time with a higher ROI.

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