Interface Design

While graphic design may focus on making a website attractive and express the brand image, Interface Design is focused on the user's interaction and experience. A website that has a good interface design is considered to be user friendly in a way where they can accomplish their goals in an efficient and simple manner.

There are a lot of variables to consider when planning and implementing your interface design. First are basic human content consumption habits, meaning how people find and absorb information to process. For example, most audiences that speak English or romantic type languages will scan a website or document in a F pattern. But the audiences that speak middle eastern languages such as Arabic and Hebrew will scan a website or document in a backwards F pattern. Knowledge of these basic habits are very powerful in interface design which helps make navigation and interaction easier for your audience.

Beyond the basics there is a lot more to consider. Primarily how the web generally presents information as well as industry specifics. Remember, consistency is one of your most valuable tools when it comes to interface design. Most people expect the company logo to take them back to the homepage, however, there are many websites that don't make this effort. If your competitors offer a return policy and your website does not mention one, you will be operating at a disadvantage

Understanding the audience is another important factor in determining the correct interface design. How technologically inclined, what the customer wants and how the customer learns are all factors. A visitor should be able to easily navigate the website without any styling or design but just the wire frame.

Superior Interface Design

Interface Design is part of the web production process and is best done prior to the finished product, however, after certain elements are have already been planned. Generally speaking your interface design should be completed after the Internet Marketing strategies have been completed but before the graphical design has been started. Testing the interface design is an important part of your interface design too, never assume that your visitors know how to navigate your site.

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