Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization is a new term to many people, so you don't have to feel stupid. There are three parts to explain when explaining conversion rate optimization, and we've done our best to describe it for you.


In geek-speak a conversion is when you get one of your website visitors make an action. This might be to register, purchase or reserve a product or service, sign up for a newsletter or send in an email or request. The point is that you have influenced a website visitor to do something you wanted them to do.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is quite simple, the conversion rate is the percentage of new visitors that make an action resulting in a conversion. For example, if you were trying to get visitors to request a consultation (like the one you see at the bottom of this page for a free web design consultation), and if 5% of the people that visited your site submitted the request for the consultation your website would be considered to have a 5% conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is what it says, optimizing your conversion rate or in other words increasing the percentage of new visitors that come to your site to do what you want them to do. There are a lot of ways to increase the percentage of your audience to action, namely through web analytics, improving interface design, split testing and the use of landing pages.

Superior Conversion Rate Optimization

Unlike the traditional practice in web design where there is a design, publish and forget mentality, we at Superior Design know that web design is much more powerful as an evolving process. We design using the latest and greatest conversion rate optimization techniques and then after the site becomes available to the world wide web, we analyze traffic behavior to determine what can be changed to increase conversions.

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