Article Marketing

Article marketing is a method of public relations where you write articles that are related to your business. You can further increase the reach of your marketing efforts by getting your article syndicated across the web.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to article marketing, some benefits more obvious than others. Not only can you receive more visitors to your website from people reading your articles across the web, but articles can also help your search engine rankings and have a positive influence on your brand.

Referral Traffic from Article Marketing

The most obvious benefit from article marketing is referral traffic from websites that have syndicated your articles. When your article is syndicated the writer often includes a paragraph at the end that may be used to introduce the author, organization and a short sales pitch. The traffic that is general received from article marketing is unique from most other sources of traffic. If done right, the traffic that you receive from article marketing will be educated in the products or services you offer, and you will have the chance to do the educating.

Article Marketing and SEO

Article Marketing can have a huge impact on your SEO campaign. First, all of the articles you write should be unique and valuable content. Search engines love this kind of content. Secondly, because most website that syndicate articles allow a paragraph that introduces the author/organization, you are often allowed to include a link as well. Search engines view links from content that is relevant (and the article you wrote should be relevant) as highly valued votes of authority. The more search engines believe you are an authority on a subject, the higher the website will be in the search rankings.

Enhance Your Brand through Article Marketing

If more relevant traffic and better search engine rankings aren't enough, the enhancement of your brand hould be cause enough to invest in article marketing. As an author, you establish yourself and your organization as an expert. And when the choice comes down to which company to purchase a product or service, it is an easier choice when one of the companies is an expert in the field.

Superior Article Marketing

Our expert knowledge of article marketing gives you the edge you need to make your valuable time count for something. Not only do we help our clients by providing them with essential tips and guidelines in writing their articles, but we also offer services in providing a SEO enhanced article section to your website and syndicating articles to thousands of relevant websites. This means you get even more bang for your buck.

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