SEO Introduction

SEO is a relatively new field of marketing that has quickly grown to become one of the leading traffic generation tactics on the Internet. In a simple definition, SEO is the process of making your website friendly and credible to search engines (like Google) in hopes of being listed higher on search engine rankings for relevant search terms.

SEO Benefits

SEO is a powerful and profitable marketing tactic for several reasons.

First, SEO is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing. Increasing the amount of traffic you receive from an SEO campaign is not directly related to the amount of money you put into it, but rather SEO is more about creativity, expertise and hard work. Unlike SEO, with other advertising tactics once you quit putting money into the system, your web traffic ends just as quickly.

Second, SEO is unobtrusive marketing. Most marketing tactics are designed to interrupt their audience to tell its message. Bill Boards distract us from the road, Radio and TV commercials interrupt us from our entertainment, magazine and banner ads interrupt our learning. The power of SEO is that it does not interrupt to get the message across, but assists your audience in obtaining what they are looking for.

Third, SEO provides credibility to your website. Having a major search engine point to your website as one of the top listings for a search term can have a powerful impact on your visitors. The general public has so much trust that search engines like Google will deliver the best results for their search terms that an extra trust is established. Think about it, in a way it is like the search engine is giving their recommendation for your service or product and I'm sure you understand how valuable recommendations are.Generally, the main advantages of public relations over advertising are cost and legitimacy (because the information comes from a third party.) Public relations also is associated with a couple catches as well, specifically a lack of control and difficulty.

Our take on Superior SEO

We are different from most web design companies in that we understand that beauty does not have to replace Internet marketing tactics like SEO. Instead we use our creative genius to create a synergy between SEO friendly designs that is also very influential as well. We also understand that SEO is not a next step process where a website comes first and SEO comes next, but we know that SEO is most effective when integrated starting with planning the website through content creation and post production.

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