PHP Development

What is PHP?

PHP is a back-end programming system that allows a website to provide dynamic tools and content and connect to databases. PHP used to stand for Personal Home Page, but now stand for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. That's right, The first 'P' of PHP stands for PHP, making it a recursive acronym.

Why PHP?

Using php has many advantages for you as our client. The primary advantage of PHP is its ubiquity. PHP is used more any any other back-end programming system. This means if you need another development firm to enhance your website (as rare as that might be), you won't have any trouble finding one that uses PHP. In comparison, many web developers don't use .Net and very few use Cold Fusion.

PHP is very powerful back-end system. Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia and digg all use PHP. Not only do some of the biggest websites use PHP, but over 20,000,000 websites <>use PHP<> today. That's a lot of websites.

Superior PHP Development

PHP is just a tool, but in the hands of a master you'll see great work. We use good programming practices that limits the number of bugs and improves the performance of your website. We've built websites both big and small using PHP, and have done our due diligence in becoming an expert firm when developing in PHP.

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