The HTML Problem

Traditional web design paid little attention to the style of a web page which made the web very simple and mainly text based. Once the Internet was commercialized an increasing number of webmasters looked to push HTML to the limit in adding images, style and creative layouts to establish brand distinction. Many of the HTML tactics webmasters used were not meant for the intended use. One of the major misused practices of webmasters was formating webpages in an HTML element meant for tabular data called a table.

CSS: the HTML Style Solution

To solve this problem the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) adopted CSS in 1996. CSS allowed the specification of style and layout for HTML elements. Recently most browsers follow the W3C's and support CSS.

Superior CSS

To think that 13 years later that a fair portion of web designers still don't use CSS for their website style and layout is almost unthinkable. At Superior Design we create standard's compliant designs and use external standards compliant CSS in the development and style of our websites.

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