3 Steps to Online Success

Crafting the Right Web Environment

You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. But your audience will. In fact, a site will lose more visitors within the first few seconds than any other time frame. Crafting the right web environment tells your audience that they are in the right place and it is worth giving your website a look around.

The Right Web Environment Gives three Main Benefits:

  • It gets your target audience's attention.
  • It strengthens trust with your audience.
  • It adds power to your message.

Before anything, you must know who you are including your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can discover who your audience is (or should be), and what attracts them most. Next, you can further define your Brand Image, taking strict rules of how your business will portray itself to appeal to your target audience. And finally, your design must strictly convey your brand image so that your audience will feel right at home when they find you.

Attracting the right audience

A website without an audience is an empty stage. Traffic is easy to acquire, however, finding an audience that will listen and act on your message takes planning and a fine tuned campaign.

Attracting the right audience offers the following benefits:

  • Saves you money, because you don't waste money on visitors that won't listen to your message.
  • Increases your marketing reach, because you aren't wasting money, it leaves you a larger budget to reach more people that will listen.
  • It makes your work simpler. By focusing on a target audience you only have to address the needs of one group of like-minded people.

Not only can we laser focus your target audience, but we are experts in finding and attracting that audience to your website. We use search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), viral marketing and other cost efficient advertising to get the right audience to your site.
Just like you found us, we can help your target audience find you. Check out the Internet marketing page to see how we can bring you the targeted audience your website needs.

Influencing your Audience to Action

Without audience action your website and advertising efforts are in vain. Sadly, this crucial component of successful web campaigns (Influencing the Audience to Action) has been overlooked by the majority of websites on the Internet.

The benefits of influencing your audience to action include:

  • Increased profits, through increased number of sales, leads, etc.
  • A purposeful website that saves you time and money.

We would like to share with you three services we offer to help you increase your Influence on the web. First, we can help you create your site's strategy for attracting new customers. Second, we can help you evaluate your competition and create a site that fulfills the needs they don't. Third, having a website that says all the right things is very important, and with our world class team of designers we can make the look that is just right for you.

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